Recent Calls
Mon. Mar 23rd 2020
08:54- Stations 20 and 22 with Engines 25 and 33-2 were dispatched for the phone report to Lackawanna 911 of the building on fire at 1005 Main Street in Peckville. On arrival of the PD it was actually...
Sat. Mar 21st 2020
12:56- Lackawanna 911 received the report of an attic fire and dispatched Stations 20 and 22 with Engines 25 and 33-2 to 336 Maple Street, Peckville. The first units reported nothing from the exterior...
Thu. Mar 19th 2020
07:18- Rescue 25 was dispatched at the request of 21 EMS on scene by Lackawanna Communications to 112 Basalyga Street for the lift assist. The crew was in service for 12 minutes. (029)
Sun. Mar 8th 2020
13:10- Stations 25 and 31 along with BLS 21-9 were dispatched for the two vehicle MVA with injuries at 10 Hill Street by Lackawanna 911. On arrival one driver was confined and complained of pain and R...
Mon. Mar 2nd 2020
17:55- Stations 25 and 31 with Ladder 20 and Squad 22 were dispatched by Lackawanna Communications for the residential fire alarm at 29 Railroad Street. Chief 25 arrive on scene and talked to the home...
News Headlines
Fri. Jul 12th 2019
Our 8th Annual Wine festival will be held on Saturday August 10th from 2:00 to 7:00 PM. There will be winetasting, food, live music, specially vendors and basket raffles. See a member for tickets.
Wed. Jan 16th 2019
Jessup Hose Company #2, Station 25, has released its list of Company Officers for 2019: HOSE COMPANY ADMINISTRATIVE President- Rich Troiani; Vice-President- Bill Muchal; Administrative Secret...
Wed. Dec 5th 2018
Jessup Hose Company Number 2 will again help Santa update his computer database and digitized maps with the correct addresses of all the boys and girls in the Borough to assure all good children are o...
Fri. Aug 3rd 2018
The Jessup Fire Department in coordination with the Lackawanna Energy Center conducted an emergency response drill at the facility on Sunnyside Road on Wednesday, August 1st. There were three distinct...
Tue. Jul 17th 2018
Jessup Hose Company #2, Station 25, is hosting its Seventh
Annual Summer Wine Festival on Saturday, August 18th, 2017 at the
Hose Company Carnival Grounds located on Hill Street in Jessup from 2:0...
Rescue 25
2013 KME
8 man cab
30 gallon compressed air foam system
Amkus rescue tools
4 tool simo capacity
(2) medium pressure air bags
(5) high pressure air bags
RIT pack
K1200 partner saw
18" chainsaw
rope rescue equipment
structural collapse equipment
(4) 6,000psi cascade system
200' working air reel
air chisels
excalibur tool
water rescue equipment
QRS certification (pending)
AED equipped
12,000lb warn mounted winch
9,000lb warn portable winch
Scott thermal imaging camera
4 gas meter
CO meter
35kw monuted generator
Wilburt telescoping light tower
(2) 200' electric reels
assorted cribbing
26' extension ladder
18' straight ladder
Little Giant ladder
PPV fan
electric exhaust fan
Engine 25
1994 Sutphen
6 Firefighter cab
1500 GPM Hale pump
750 gallon poly-tank
5 gallons of Class A foam
(5) 1 3/4" preconnects with TFT nozzles
(2) 2 1/2" preconnects with TFT nozzle and Blitzfire portable monitor
(1) 4" preconnect with portable monitor
1200' 5" supply line
(6) Scott SCBA
(2) Cylinder, 6000psi Cascade system
35kw On-board generator
(2) 15w Telescoping flood lights
(2) 15w Portable flood lights
(1) Scott Eagle II Thermal imaging camera
14' Straight ladder
24' Extension ladder
10' Foldiing attic ladder
(2) 18" chainsaws
K-1200 Partner saw
200' Electric cord reel
Car 25
2016 Ford F-550
Used as the primary command unit for in town incidents. Carries up to five occupants. Tows ATV 25 to emergency scenes. Equipment carried:

3 S.C.B.A. with face mask
Table & Chairs
Fire Ex.
Knox Box
4-Gas Meter
Command Board
as well as other miscellaneous equipment
Brush 25
2000 Ford F-450 4X4
300 Gallon Tank
Max Flow 300 GPM Pump
Max Pressure 225 PSI
(1) 200' Boster Reel Preconnect
(1) 200' 1" 3/4 Preconnect
(2) Discharges in Front Bumper
(3) Discharges in Rear
(6) Indian Tanks
12,000lb Winch
2000W WEN Invertor/Generator
Miscellaneous Hand Tools
Ambulance 25-9
2004 GMC Horton
BLS Ambulance certified by the PA Department of Health

Equipped with:
1 CO Monitoring Pulse Ox
2 Adult Epi Pens
2 Child Epi Pens
Snakebite Kit
2 SCBA's

as well as all standard BLS equipment mandated by the PA Department of Health
Ambulance 25-8
2008 GMC Horton
BLS Ambulance certified by the PA Department of Health

Equipped with:
1 CO Monitoring Pulse Ox
2 Adult Epi Pens
2 Child Epi Pens
2 SCBA's
Snakebit Kit

as well as all standard BLS equipment mandated by the PA Department of Health.

25-8 is also set up for Firefighter Medical Re-Hab Response
ATV 25
2011 Polaris Ranger 6x6 ASAP Off-Road Ambulance
Roll Cage
Ability to carry up to five occupants
Full stretcher & stretcher mount
Bench Seat
Ability to transport a backboarded patient on bench seat
Dome Lighting
IV Holders
Fully Insulated
Multi-Purpose Winch
Run Flat Tires
Windshield Wipers
Harley Davidson Helmets for each occupant
Patient compartment Storage
Under body Storage
Emergency Lighting & Siren
Scene Lighting
Back Up Alarm
Brush Guard
Two, Four, or six wheel drive
Speed up to 45 MPH
Heating Unit
Air Conditioning Unit

All drivers of ATV 25 are trained in First Aid/CPR & are licensed ATV drivers through The ATV Safety & Training Institute. A EMT must be on board ATV 25 at all times while in operation.

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